A meta-analysis on the recognition of the food security approach in the framework of the principles of good governance

Document Type : Review article


1 sbu

2 Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran

3 ferdowsi



The issue of food supply is always considered as one of the important biological issues of humans. Theories, gatherings, researches, studies, and various laws and regulations have been prepared and presented in this direction in order to satisfy the basic human needs with minimum difficulty, but this goal has not been fully achieved successfully. Identifying and knowing the causes of this problem requires knowing and gaining comprehensive knowledge from a theoretical, experimental and research point of view in order to clarify possible gaps and gaps. Therefore, in the current research, these three types of studies have been conducted in the form of three layers of attitude, research materials and methods, in order to identify the dimensions of food security and its evolution, and to examine how it can be adapted to regulations, policies and laws. and by analyzing and reviewing previous researches in this field and comparing these three studies, identify the knowledge, experimental and research gap in the field of food security. Hence, the mixed research method includes library-review study, thematic analysis and meta-analysis. Based on the results of the research, the knowledge base of food security, which includes availability, access, consumption and good governance, is different from the experimental and research base, and there is a deep and significant gap between scientific and research studies. Updating the laws and policies, along with conducting applied research focusing on good food governance, is one of the solutions that can cover this gap.